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Uninformed use of medication, with particular reference to antibiotics, has caused a significant increase in the phenomenon of resistant antibiotics.

The problem has become commonplace in both medicine for humans and veterinary medicine, as demonstrated by the recommendations of the European Community (ref. RECOMMENDATION 2002/77/EC: Be cautious in the use of antibiotics in human medicine – RECOMMENDATION 2015/C299/04: Use antibiotics cautiously in veterinary medicines).

The animal production industry is studying the best way to implement programmes that facilitate reducing the use of medicines and communicating more effectively with consumers.

Reducing the use of antibiotics does not imply leaving the animals untreated, but rather creating conditions so that they are ill less often. The key word here is prevention, which means removing all of the possible risk factors, making rapid diagnosis and, if necessary, administering targeted therapy.

Laemmegroup, through its multidisciplinary team, can offer consultancy services aimed at assessing the risk factors in livestock farming and defining biosafety disciplines.

Furthermore, the Group can provide support in the predisposition of manufacturing and labelling disciplines for the communication of antibiotics in the meat.

Last but not least, Laemmegroup’s technical and scientific skills combined with its two Orbitrap generation UHPLC+ -Q-Exactive/MS Tandem mass spectrometers enable the Group to carry out research of residues in traces of medicines and antibiotics in order to supervise the correct applications with respect to the manufacturing and labelling disciplines.

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