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Laemmegroup – a Tentamus company

Our job, thousand of analyses, two objectives: quality and safety.

Laemmegroup is a service company that operates laboratories specialised in the analysis of foodstuffs, animal feed, and water destined for human consumption. Through the use of the most current technologies, we carry out analyses for all of the agrifood production industries.

Laemmegroup responds to the new and increasingly complex quality and food safety requirements for businesses operating in the agrifood production chain that want to become players on the global market. We support our customers in every stage of their activity, from obtaining authorisation to verifying, validating and receiving certification for processes and products. We enable our customers to grow by solving problems.

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Analisi multiresiduale

Multiresidue analysis

Multiresidue analysis service for the determination of substances with pharmacological action in different types of matrices throughout the entire agri-food chain. Nowadays the concept of food safety means protecting consumers from a whole range of chemicals potentially present in animal-origin food. Monitoring animal-origin products throughout the entire agri-food chain means carrying out inspections starting from
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New OGM accreditations

Laemmegroup Laboratory is proud to announce the completion of the accreditation process related to the detection of all authorized OGM in food and feed for soy, corn, rapeseed, sugar beet and in animal feed for cotton, listed in the latest updated European Register dated 02/08/2019. The entire accreditation process complies with Accredia Technical Regulation RT-11
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The new release of T – Magazine is available on line

Tentamus Group in Italy is carrying forward its editorial project, that aims to share know how, identify common points of interest and discussion related to technical, analytical, research and development matters. This commitment is considered crucial in a market in continuous change and that increasingly demands challenging requirements. The new edition covers several topics, including
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SARS-CoV2 detection on surface testing

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 o 2019-nCoV) is proved to be persistent for even more than nine days on inanimate surfaces such as metal, glass and plastic, but it can be effectively inactivated through appropriate sanitisation (Kampf G. et al. Persistent of coronaviruses on inanimates surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents. Review. Journal of Hospital Infection.
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Acrylamide analysis on food Referring to COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2017/2158 of 20 November 2017 establishing mitigation measures and benchmark levels for the reduction of the presence of acrylamide in food Laemmegroup performs the analysis on food with UNI EN 16618:2015 method with LOQ = 20ug/kg, suitable limit also for baby-food. The lab releases analysis in
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benessere animale

Emme Channel – Animal Welfare

Animal welfare and pharmacoresistance, food safety and antibiotics: these are some of the questions discussed in this edition of M-Magazine. This is a step forward for the second edition of the magazine put out by Laemmegroup, which is now also the company’s new business name. The Group is increasingly recognized for the professionalism, history and
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