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Laemmegroup – a Tentamus company

Our job, thousand of analyses, two objectives: quality and safety.

Laemmegroup is a service company that operates laboratories specialised in the analysis of foodstuffs, animal feed, and water destined for human consumption. Through the use of the most current technologies, we carry out analyses for all of the agrifood production industries.

Laemmegroup responds to the new and increasingly complex quality and food safety requirements for businesses operating in the agrifood production chain that want to become players on the global market. We support our customers in every stage of their activity, from obtaining authorisation to verifying, validating and receiving certification for processes and products. We enable our customers to grow by solving problems.

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New Method: Analysis of amino acids in feed and food via LC-LRMS/MS

For a healthy diet and the functionality of biological processes, humans and animals need amino acids. Laboratories often face the problem of challenging analysis when determining the correct content of amino acids in food and feed. Amino acids (AA) are organic molecules that contain both a carboxylic -COOH and an amino -NH2 functional group. In
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Animal protein processed in feed 2021

Regulation (EU) 2020/1560 to ensure clarity and legal certainty: newly applied changes to operational schemes and expression of results.   In December 2020, the Official Journal of the EU released the publication of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1560, which amends Annex VI of Commission Regulation (EC) No 152/2009 on the analytical methods for the
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The New Issue of T – Magazine is now available online

Tentamus Group in Italy is carrying forward its editorial project, that aims to share know how, identify common points of interest and discussion related to technical, analytical, research and development matters. This commitment is considered crucial in a market in continuous change and that increasingly demands challenging requirements. Enjoy!
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We wish you and your loved ones a joyful #Easter. 🐰🌷 We hope you enjoy the Easter #holidays and have a good rest. Stay healthy everyone!
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Food Fraud: identifying DNA in food products of animal origin

It is commonly known that food fraud is when, during the production and distribution of a food product, there are intentional infringements to the current agri-food legislation in order gain economic benefit at the expense of the final consumer. Food frauds can be health-related as well as commercial. There are different types of commercial food
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