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Chemical Testing Laboratory with Accredia Granted Accreditation

The Laemmegroup Laboratory is accredited according to Regulation UNI CEI EN ISO IEC 17025 under accreditation no. 0198, which has been in force since 1998. The main purpose of accreditation is to certify the Laboratory’s technical competency with regards accredited tests according to the provisions outlined in Regulation UNI CEI EN ISO IEC17025:2005.

Download our Accredia / Moncalieri accreditation certificate

Ministry for Universities and Scientific and Technological Research

Entered into the Register of research laboratories under Article 4, Law no. 46 of 17/02/82. This inclusion has been in force since 29 January 2001 (Executive Decree no. 19 of 29/01/2001).

GMP+ Certification

Laemmegroup has obtained GMP+ certification, registration number GMP051020, for the analysis of Aflatoxin B1 and heavy metals on: feed materials, feed additives, premixtures, compound feeds and complementary feeds.

Download our GMP+/ Moncalieri certificate

Ministry of Health and the Piedmont Region

Included in the Ministry of Health list of recognised testing laboratories for the execution of bacteriological and chemical analyses for the purpose of self-monitoring foodstuffs (Prot. D.G.V.A /V/3372/P) and conducting analytical checks on behalf of companies that produce and sell food and beverage in compliance with Legislative Decree 131/98 as regards food products destined for specific foodstuffs (i.e., gluten).

Included on the Piedmont Regional Register of testing laboratories under no. ID016 (by Executive Decision from the Public Health of the Piedmont Region no. 78 of 19/06/02 – see annex 1).

Included on the Lombardy Regional Register of laboratories carrying out self-monitoring analyses for the food industry in accordance with Legislative Decree 155/97. This inclusion has been in force since October 2003 on the basis of specifications outlined in Article 8 of Regional Regulation no. 14 of 21 July 2003 (Lombardy Official Gazette 1, Ordinary Supplement no. 30 of 25/07/03).

Qualified to carry out qualitative and quantitative analyses of medicated animal feed and intermediate products in compliance with the regulations of the D. Lgs. 03/03/93 e D.M. 16/11/93.



On 14/12/2020 the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies authorised the Laemmegroup Laboratory to perform analyses on organic products.

Please visit the Ministerial Portal to see the list of all authorised laboratories.

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