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Analysis Laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA

The main meaning of accreditation is the attestation by a super partes body of the competence, independence and impartiality of the laboratory with regard to the accredited tests. Accreditation demonstrates that the laboratory meets both the technical and management system requirements necessary to provide accurate and technically valid data and results for specific testing activities. Laemmegroup is accredited by the accreditation body ACCREDIA in accordance with the requirements of UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, Accreditation No. 0198L, and has a 20-year accreditation, in force since 1998.

ACCREDIA is a signatory of the international mutual recognition agreements EA-MLA and ILAC-MLA, thanks to which the value of laboratory accreditation goes beyond national borders and is extended internationally to all countries that have signed these agreements.

Use of the ACCREDIA mark: the ACCREDIA document RG-09 “Regolamento per l’utilizzo del marchio ACCREDIA” rev. 10 contains some points that concern clients of accredited laboratories. In particular, we highlight following points:

  • 1.6 Accredited parties are required to report to ACCREDIA any misuse or abuse of the accreditation mark or logo of which they become aware.
  • 3.4 The ACCREDIA mark and any reference to accreditation shall not be affixed to a test sample or product (or part of it) or used to imply product certification.
  • 3.13 The ACCREDIA mark or reference to accreditation shall not be used by clients of accredited laboratories, nor may it be used in documentation concerning a product, or be placed on a product. A copy of the test report may be attached. The laboratory shall inform its clients of the reasons for this restriction and monitor its application. Clients of accredited laboratories that carry out commercial activities of accredited activities (e.g. consulting companies, intermediaries) that issue test reports with results provided by accredited laboratories, cannot use the ACCREDIA mark or the reference to the accreditation of the laboratory that performed the tests. On the offers of accredited services, they cannot use the ACCREDIA mark in any way, but they can mention the reference to the accreditation, showing the accreditation number and the company name of the accredited laboratory.
  • 2 The ACCREDIA logo, as well as the IAF and ILAC marks, are protected by law and therefore their fraudulent or malicious use by accredited parties and/or their clients, where applicable, will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

The Laboratory has accredited most of the test methods for fixed scope of accreditation. Since 2018, the Moncalieri Headquarters (Headquarters A) has activated the procedure to achieve the accreditation of flexible scope, obtaining the first accreditations in the same year. This type of accreditation allows the Laboratory to promptly meet the clients and authorities’ requests, limited to the accreditation areas of competence.

Since January 2022, the Laboratory has also obtained accreditation for its operational headquarters in Manerbio (Italy) (Headquarters D).

View our ACCREDIA accreditation certificate and the list of accredited tests/Moncalieri (Headquarters A)

View the list of accredited tests/Manerbio (Headquarters D)



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