On June 2018, Laem­megroup became part of the Tentamus Group, fully marrying its philos­ophy, based on: Global Thinking, Local Action. Tentamus, in fact, is a multi­na­tional of refer­ence that works for the quality and safety agribusi­ness, envi­ron­mental, cosmetic and phar­ma­ceu­tical. This open, new fron­tiers that allow, nowa­days, the company to share know-how with partner labo­ra­to­ries around the world, bringing, to the local terri­to­ries, the global compe­tence of a Great Group.

In October 2021, Laem­megroup opens a new oper­ating site in Lombardia.

The Tentamus Group is expanding its pres­ence in Italy and opens a new branch of Laem­megroup, located in Manerbio (BS) entirely focused on micro­bi­ology testing.

We Enable Our Customers to Grow by Solving Problems

The expe­ri­ence we have gained has taught us to face change and chal­lenges with enthu­siasm. It has also enabled us to refine compe­ten­cies that in turn benefit our entire customer base. Such skills allow us to support our customers in every phase of their activity, including obtaining autho­rised health claims and approvals, designing new prod­ucts and services, and attaining vali­da­tion and veri­fi­ca­tion of processes and prod­ucts. Food is our world.

Our main customers are:

  • Breeders
  • Farms
  • Dairy Farms
  • Animal Feed Manufacturers
  • Plants for the trans­for­ma­tion of meat-based products 
    • slaugh­ter­houses, cutting plants, labo­ra­to­ries for meat prepa­ra­tion and grinding

  • Deli­catessens
  • Mass Caterers
  • Large-scale Orga­nized Distribution

Reli­a­bility and Customisation

All of our activity is carried out by highly qual­i­fied staff members who are specialised in the specific type of inter­ven­tion requested. Relying on the skills of the indi­vid­uals, we have built up a Group that has a unique way of oper­ating. The most advanced tech­nolo­gies and applied proce­dures and methods enable the staff to provide highly reli­able analyses, inter­pret the results obtained, analyse the produc­tion processes and offer targeted consul­tancy to every customer.

The purpose of providing this level of service is to work together with the compa­nies to build a perma­nent part­ner­ship and a mutu­ally satis­fying relationship.

The activity we carry out is diver­si­fied in func­tion of the various requirements:

  • Sampling and analysis
  • Consul­tancy on food safety and labelling
  • First-party and second-party audits
  • Staff training on hygiene, best working prac­tices and HACCP
  • Consul­tancy on volun­tary certi­fi­ca­tion and the predis­po­si­tion of manu­fac­turing disciplines
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