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New Frontiers in Analysis

The Thermo Scientific hybrid quadrupole Orbitrap mass spectrometer, called Q-Exactive, encompasses all of the characteristics of a high technology quadropole analyser that selects the precursor ion by means of the Orbitrap high resolution, which is very solid and has become the industry standard for accurate mass measuring (the Group currently has two high-resolution mass spectrometers).
This instrument is extremely effective at screening targeted and un-targeted composts with a high confirmatory rate for the food and drug industries. Research is done on antibiotics, hormones, steroids and associated metabolics for the fields of toxicology, the environment and for all the “omic” sciences. The increasing interest in so-called un-targeted composts is driving the Group to invest in sophisticated technologies that guarantee a possible cognitive line of survey with the aid of experiments in high-resolution MS/MS.


Drafting of a self-monitoring manual, product certification and establishment of a standard for the production of beef cattle. The primary production must make its activities more visible.

Research – Solutions – Just In Time Responses

Investments made in new technologies have to do with more than research and analysis. The Group’s drive for innovation takes into account the strategic importance of information technology and has led Laemmegroup to invest in innovative software and hardware systems. A team of computer professionals monitor the work in real time while the systems used enable identifying critical issues rapidly and thus contribute effectively in responding quickly to customers. The dematerialisation of paper flow and electronic storage of just some of the Laemmegroup projects are showing positive results in sharing information internally and giving customers information just-in-time.


Food companies need to understand the importance of the materials that come into contact with foodstuffs, which is why Laemmegroup developed a service of auditing and document verification to ensure that material destined for food contact conforms to regulations in force.

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